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The Modern Uses of a New Kitchen

Kitchen designers are waking up to the fact that homeowners often prefer the kitchen to any other room. With a host of modern luxuries, ease of use and the potential for either a modern or traditional look, it’s easy to see why. So, if you’re exploring the best of Brighton’s kitchen showrooms and need ideas for a sparkling new kitchen, be sure to ask a professional for advice.

Below, we discuss just a few ways that a new kitchen can improve your lifestyle. For guidance from the top kitchen designers in the Brighton area, speak with Kavanagh Designs today.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Modern kitchens serve as hubs in which to prepare, serve and eat at mealtimes. Given enough space and the right furniture, you may even choose to cut out the dining room altogether in favour of a kitchen-based lifestyle. An efficient new kitchen proves especially useful in the morning when you’re strapped for time but have to prepare lunch for the day ahead.

Do you fight with cramped conditions in the Brighton area? Kavanagh Designs has a reputation for being one of the region’s preferred kitchen showrooms. Our kitchen designers can help you to save on space while creating a user-friendly environment.

Entertaining and Social Events

Sitting down in the living room with a cup of tea may feel a little awkward. That’s why it’s often easier to spend time in the kitchen – propped up against the island or worktop for a more casual chat. Likewise, the kitchen may welcome gatherings on a larger scale. The easy access to snacks, plates and trays makes serving your guests an easier task.

First among kitchen showrooms in the Brighton area, we have an inspiration point where you can brainstorm ideas and receive advice from our expert kitchen designers. We’ll make sure you have a new kitchen to be proud of.

Working From Home

More of us work from than ever before, and for many, the kitchen serves as the best place in which to make online calls. A breakfast bar or kitchen island makes for a handy workspace, while the attractive background of a new kitchen will provide the perfect backdrop for online meetings.

If you live in Brighton and have started to work remotely, visit our kitchen designers to see how we can develop your ideal space. Known as one of the region’s foremost kitchen showrooms, we aim for 100% satisfaction no matter your needs.

Keeping an Eye on the Little Ones

Busy parents have little time to slow down, and all deserve a new kitchen that’s safe for the kids. This means keeping power outlets out of reach, child-safe boiling taps, and the secured storage of sharp knives and other utensils. As kitchen designers who welcome parents from all over Brighton and the surrounding regions, we know the importance of safety. Our designers will help to realise your kitchen while considering the needs of your whole family.

Not all kitchen showrooms near Brighton offer the same level of care as we do. Be sure to book a showroom appointment for a kitchen design service that few can match.

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