Bathroom Showrooms in Hove

Making the Most of a Smaller Bathroom

Properties in Hove don’t always feature vast amounts of space, and this lack of room can make browsing the local bathroom showrooms a daunting task. Don’t lose heart! As a small yet knowledgeable team of bathroom designers, we know that even the tiniest bathrooms deserve the greatest of care. We will guide you in the right direction, so you can enjoy a beautiful new bathroom that exudes style and meets the most discerning of tastes.

If you’re in any doubt or need a bit of inspiration, please take a look through our previous projects. Based in Worthing, our bathroom designers assist customers from all over Hove for incredible bathrooms of every shape and size.

Don’t Underestimate Lighting – Having a tiny bathroom doesn’t mean you only need a single, hanging light. In fact, bathroom showrooms often show that LED mirror lights and vanity lighting can modernise any space. The trick with a smaller area is often to make a big statement with what you have, and our Hove bathroom designers will be happy to suggest the best ways to do just that.

Why not consider lighting recessed shelves for a warm, ethereal glow? No matter your chosen style, we advise you to apply proper lighting to the sink and shower areas.

Maximise Movement – Small bathrooms in and around Hove will naturally offer less floor space than larger ones, and adding chunky furniture will only compound the issue. Instead, think about a corner sink and curved vanity units. It’s also worth thinking vertically, with shelving for towels, toiletries or decorative items.

The Illusion of Size – Remember, bathroom showrooms know to lay their displays out carefully for maximum effect. With the aid of our bathroom designers, you can apply this same mindset to your upcoming bathroom in Hove, or any of the surrounding locations.

A long mirror will trick the eye into thinking a bathroom is bigger than it is, as can large patterns together with a lighter colour scheme.

Add a Personal Touch – The best bathroom designers will tell you that it’s not just about making the environment look bigger. Some homeowners prefer to lean into the smaller size and aim for a warm and cosy atmosphere. Darker tiles, coupled with scented candles and a potted plant, can provide a luxurious feel to even cramped conditions. You can also hang wall art for a touch of class that attracts the eye.

Sometimes, homeowners have unique ideas not commonly seen around Hove’s bathroom showrooms. At Kavanagh Designs, we love to hear your thoughts and always work to implement the fixtures you love.

Our bathroom designers use imaging software to help you visualise the space throughout the process. We apply the same level of care to all new bathrooms, no matter spacious they are.

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