Here at Kavanagh Designs, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you’re in the early stages of considering a new bathroom or are slightly closer to making a decision on the style and type you’re after, we are ready to listen and help you along the process.

Rotpunkt Split Oak And Matt Cashmere Kitchen | Kavanagh Designs


With over 16 years of experience, Kavanagh Designs are specialists in designing and installing bespoke kitchens and bathrooms. The skills and experience of the team means that we don’t see the kitchen or bathroom as a stand alone element but as an integral part of the building and the home.  We also consider how they sit within your lifestyle.  

Rotpunkt Gloss White And Wood Integrated Handle Kitchen | Kavanagh Designs


Most of our new work comes from recommendation so our reputation means everything.  We are not saying that everything goes smoothly, every project has its challenges, however at Kavanagh Designs we take ownership of our projects and follow the process every step of the way ensuring everything is completed.  We believe it is that attention and high level of service our clients appreciate and why we do get so many recommendations.


At Kavanagh Designs we listen, some clients apologise for saying too much, but the more you tell us the more the design will reflect you.  To us a new kitchen is not just about cupboards and appliances it is about you and the way you live.  There is a price to pay for quality, however we work with our clients to get the most for the least by a process of balancing the ideas, the function, the look and of course the budget.  When we produce designs, we build in flexibility to make the inspired achievable.

Rotpunkt City Oak And Metallic Brown Steel Handleless Island Kitchen | Kavanagh Designs
Rotpunkt Metal Look Bronze | Kavanagh Designs


Our clients say to us that we make the process of achieving a new kitchen less stressful.  Working together we are able to guide our clients through the maze that are the latest products.  Working with the client’s ideas, using our skills and experience we can produce amazing designs that truly reflects their requirements and more. We also understand that to achieve the best outcome the design process needs to be a partnership.

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